The Future of Warfare and the Role of New and Emerging Technologies

November 25, 2020
14:00 CET

Threats to the international security landscape have never been so diverse or quick to materialize. Technological development and ultra-connectivity are transforming how nations assess national security threats as well as how they organize societies and engage with citizens. NATO and GLOBSEC intend to answer how the future of warfare is affected by these changes and how engagement with the private sector can help shape the Alliance’s strategy for ensuring cooperative security. The November 25 event, NATO-Private Sector Dialogues with GLOBSEC: The Future of Warfare and the Role of New and Emerging Technologies will provide a platform for this discussion with the goal of contributing to Alliance security by increasing private-public sector interaction. 

The NATO-Private Sector Dialogues with GLOBSEC intend to deepen the involvement of the private sector across the transatlantic sphere. On November 25, The NATO dialogue with GLOBSEC will bring together a wide array of stakeholders, including policy experts, NATO officials, champions of the tech and defense industries, and academics to determine how the involvement of industry can help further NATO’s priorities ahead of 2030. 

The November 25 event offers an opportunity for international stakeholders to come together to lay the foundations for a safer, more resilient world. Technology not only continues to rapidly develop, but new and emerging tech is also integrated into the daily lives of citizens faster than ever before. While increased interconnectivity and digital technology such as AI offer exciting opportunities for modernization, some also have the potential to threaten cooperative security. Recognizing these opportunities and threats arising from technological advancement, NATO is stepping up efforts to adapt to this new landscape. Responding to these trends necessitates involvement from private sector stakeholders who can provide valued expertise with regard to cutting edge technology, innovative business strategy, defense investment, and more. 

This NATO-GLOBSEC collaboration not only aims to raise the engagement of the private sector but also seeks to critically assess and map stakeholder roles and potential involvement, to identify select, tailored areas for collaboration, and to devise contemporary burden-sharing targets. GLOBSEC believes this initiative will be instrumental in laying the early groundwork that will fundamentally redefine the relationship between NATO and the private sector for the future, starting with our event on the 25th, which will take place online from 14:00-18:30 CET. 

To see the official program of the event, please click here.

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