GLOBSEC 2020 Bratislava Forum

7 – 8 October 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic accentuated the need for the international community to come together to resolve an unprece-dented global health and economic crisis. It also revealed how fragmented and uncertain the world has become.

As part of its flagship activities, GLOBSEC intends to discuss what shape the rebuilding of the post-pandemic world could have. The two-day GLOBSEC 2020 Bratislava Forum will provide platform for that and of under the theme Let’s Heal The World Together will jumpstart this process.
  • “Let’s Heal The World Together” invites GLOBSEC the international community to consider the most pressing issues that need to be resolved in order to quickly recover from the Great Lockdown, and to build safer, more prosperous and resilient societies.
  • It is demonstrating our conviction that together we can resolve overlapping health, environmental, economic, and geopolitical crises and heal our societies and planet at the same time.
While our recovery has already begun, there is much work to be done. Fissures must be healed, and crises resolved. The pandemic is just one of a myriad of challenges that we face. Our world is one of constant upheaval and disruption — from the climate crisis, to emergent technologies, economic inse- curity to new geopolitical confrontations. The future has never seemed so insecure.

International stakeholders must come together to lay the foun- dations for a safer, more prosperous, and resilient world, while recovering from a pandemic that will leave lasting economic and social wounds. ‘Let’s Heal The World Together’ reflects the conviction that the international community can find common cause in resolving these overlapping crises and set to work on building a more resilient future. The discussions will fo- cus on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on multiple sectors of societies and governance and will be framed by six topical streams: Future of Europe, Defence and Security, Economy and Global Order, Digital Future, Sustainability and Democracy & Resilience.

Over the past two decades GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum has established itself as the leading platform in Central Eastern Europe region and one of the top strategic conferences globally. The Forum facilitates a free exchange of ideas and provides a meeting place for stakeholders from all sectors of society to actively shape the future we want for ourselves and generations to come. GLOBSEC’s guests of honour have included Emmanuel Macron, Kristalina Georgieva, Donald Tusk, Ursula von der Leyen, Madeleine Albright, Joseph Nye, David Roberts and many more.

The 15th edition of GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum will take place over two days and two stages on 7 - 8 October. The Forum will be held for the first time in a hybrid format allowing hundreds of the most influential heads of state, business leaders, innovators, and experts from leading global think tanks, NGOs, and international organizations to participate both in-person and digitally.

With Europe and other countries around the world still fighting COVID-19, this year GLOBSEC has decided to introduce a special three-stage concept for the 2020 Bratislava Forum. The international community, including Slovakia, will be engaged in debates addressing the most pressing challenges of the up- coming period that will take place over a span of a few months.

The first stage kicking off in June will include an online brainstorming with global experts who will address future trends. The key takeaways will be proposed as specific recommenda- tions for Central Europe. In August, in the second stage during a virtual conference, participants will analyze these recommendations in more detail.
This will allow us to reach out to a broader range of stake- holders and identify the most important topics for discussion and policy recommendations to debate during the flagship GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum in October. In addition to the main stage sessions, the Forum will feature dozens of focused side events, more than 100 exclusive meetings, and the attention of international media.

If you want to see full preliminary agenda, please click here.

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